1. Mark’s Daily Apple
Mark’s Daily Apple is one of my favorite fitness blogs, and the author of the primal blueprint. It is a blog dedicated to exploring, promoting, and justifying the Primal Blueprint – that set of simple instructions explaining how to control your genes and get the healthiest, strongest, leanest body possible by taking cues from the lifestyles, diet, and behavior of our early human ancestors.

2. Fitness Black Book
Fitness Black Book is run by Rusty Moore whose desire to help people look good, you know like Hollywood Celebrities. It’s a great read and he offers numerous training materials that I really value.

3. Fitness Spotlight
Fitness Spotlight is the creation from 2 veteran health and fitness bloggers (Mike O’Donnell from The IF Life and Scott Kustes from Modern Forager) who combined their old high traffic blogs to form an even bigger community of health and fitness, truly a must read.

4. Shawn Phillips
Shawn Phillips is a fitness expert, business leader, innovator, and author. Shawn Phillips has been helping athletes, celebrities, and tens of thousands of others achieve strong, healthy bodies for over two decades.


What is Quinoa ?

by admin on May 17, 2010

quinoaQuinoa is a plant that produces a form of edible seeds. It is very rich in protein, and therefore an excellent food for vegetarians, vegans and everyone really.

It is native to South America – particularly Peru. Quinoa plants grown at high altitude and serve as a staple food for many people in South America. It is relatively new in the world markets of America and others.

How To Cook Quinoa